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From multi-family to retail, from urban mixed-use to master-planned development, over the years Terra Search Partners has created a comprehensive library of useful articles and bits of advice on how the real estate industry can put together the right team for long term success. Check out the entire library or review contributions by partner.

Founder, Managing Partner

From our Founder

We created Terra Search Partners in 2006 as a boutique search firm focused exclusively on the real estate business with an absolute focus on, and commitment to, exemplary work. Most everybody will claim that goal, so I want to sincerely articulate the meaning of this focus and the guiding principals and values of Terra Search Partners.
  • The senior professionals at Terra Search Partners come from the real estate business. We know the business. We understand the business. We understand the drivers. We care. This is our world and our clients are our long term peer group, so every assignment and indeed all interactions have long term consequence.
  • We treat every assignment and interaction as a building block for our business and reputation. So, the stakes are high.
  • Of course, our clients come first. But we work hard to treat our candidates and sources with that same level of respect. We work hard to communicate transparently and to provide meaning in interactions throughout our work including clients, candidates and sources.
  • How does search work? In the model search, we call a hundred people, we interview ten, the client interviews 4-6, and we finalize with one person. But it's rarely so cut and dry. Search more frequently follows the twists and turns that are inevitable when dealing in human endeavors. The twists and turns are where this firm shines and adds value.
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National Real Estate Companies

They know our space better than anybody and they spent a significant amount of time with me and other people in the company to really understand what we want to do and with whom we need to do it. T ... (read more)

- Geoffrey L. Stack, Managing Director, SARES-REGIS Group

They fill positions for us from coast to coast because we know we can just pick up the phone and have Terra Search Partners take care of it. They're matchmakers. They understand and respect how our ... (read more)

- Michele Mamet, Chief Administrative Officer, Mercy Housing

The emotional intelligence of this team is a huge skill. We got insights into what will and will not work at a molecular level. This is a rare and special talent that was clear from the moment we s ... (read more)

- Nancy Andrews, CEO, Low Income Investment Fund

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    Posted in News and Press on Feb 03, 2016

    Posted on April 6, 2014 in NAREIM Viewpoints Stephanie Pearson of Terra Search Partners shares her thoughts regarding the changing landscape of female leadership in the real estate investment management industry. Female executives across a broad spectrum of the commercial real estate industry have been reaching new career heights in recent years, as women continue to make strides and step into a diverse range of roles in sectors where they once had very limited representation. Their success has positive implications for the industry as a whole and will hopefully serve as an impetus for the RE...

  • Move On or Keep With the Devil You Know? Balancing Change and Stability

    Posted in News and Press on Feb 03, 2016

    Matt Slepin, Entrepreneur July 31, 2014 Though some may fear it, change is an essential part of growing and strengthening any business – and any career. But for both an entrepreneur and employer, it can be hard to know when to make a change as opposed to sticking it out with the devil you know. For entrepreneurs thinking about their organizations and, particularly, about their senior managers, there’s an emphasis on balance. You need to strike the middle ground when it comes to change. While too little change can leave employees bored and restless, constant change can leave them disoriented an...

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