Leading Voices Podcast: Fred Tuomi, Technology, Strategy, Growth

The national podcast “Leading Voices in Real Estate”, produced by Matt Slepin, Founder and Managing Partner of Terra Search Partners, released a new episode with Fred Tuomi, CEO of Invitation Homes and a company builder-innovator for three decades.

Upcoming Season Two interviews include Ken Woolley, founder of ExtraSpace Management; Jane Graf, CEO of Mercy Housing, among others. Matt interviews real estate industry leaders who tell their personal career stories of business building and making a difference in our communities.

Fred Tuomi
CEO of Invitation Homes

Fred seems to have the secret sauce. He’s CEO of Invitation Homes, the largest player in the single family homes-for-rent business — a sector that was local-only til about five years ago. He’s had an historic impact on helping create institutional platforms of scale …. across a 30 year career working with icons such as Sam Zell, John Lie-Nielsen, John Williams and John Glover. An early ahh-hah moment: “Let’s use these things called computers that make everything more efficient.”

Sam Zell
Chairman, Equity International

Sam Zell has always had an entrepreneurial mind-set, attributing his real estate success to it. After getting his start flipping apartments as a law school student, he grew his businesses and helped transform what we know as the modern REIT.

Keith Oden
President, Camden Property Trust

Keith Oden and his business partner, CEO Ric Campo, have taken Camden Property Trust from a Texas start-up to a nationwide apartment owner, with a distinctive approach. He explains the seminal move by Camden in innovating rent optimization software, how they’ve built a Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, and how they keep a sprawling organization humming.

Jim Ketai
CEO, Bedrock Real Estate

Most real estate professionals know property repositioning, but city repositioning? Detroit area native Jim Ketai is the CEO and Managing Partner at Bedrock Detroit, the company that has been at the center of revitalizing downtown Detroit. In today’s episode, we discuss how Jim co-founded Bedrock with his friend, Quicken Loan CEO Dan Gilbert, and how they transcended traditional real estate thinking with Bedrock’s pioneering investments in investment-abandoned downtown Detroit. New employers began moving in including Facebook, Amazon, Google and many more. And he has little fear of failure. “It’s okay to fail because that’s how we all learn and get better.”

Dar Williams
Singer, Songwriter, Author

After growing up in a family active in small-town civic engagement, Dar Williams developed a successful singing career that took her to hundreds of communities she watched evolve over the years – and many she fell in love with. She says “Positive Proximity” is the understanding of how your life is better living alongside others who might have differences, not in spite of them. Her book “What I Found in A Thousand Towns,” highlights her unique perspective on how towns evolve into great communities.