Leading Voices Podcast: Jane Graf, Alleviating Poverty Through Affordable Housing

The Leading Voices in Real Estate podcast series interviews some of the most successful, interesting, entrepreneurial people who shape our cities and the built environment.

Host Matt Slepin gets to the personal side not often heard from these legends and visionaries, their career stories and advice, and their role in creating vibrant communities with character, beauty, and a high quality of life.

Jane Graf
Alleviating Poverty Through Affordable Housing

Jane Graf has been a leader in the affordable housing industry for over 35 years and is now the President and CEO of Mercy Housing, one of the country’s largest nonprofit developers dedicated to revitalizing lives and neighborhoods. In this episode, we discuss the political stigma surrounding affordable housing, what we can learn from the Sisters of Mercy’s fearless business approach, and why local resources and organizations are crucial to the success of affordable housing models.