Matt Slepin featured in ULI San Francisco website

Matt Slepin, founder and managing partner of Terra Search Partners, has a new piece published in ULI’s blog entitled, “Culture Matters: Insights from Panel of New Leaders at ULI.”

Slepin moderated and lead a panel during a recent meeting in San Francisco. Three post-Boomer real estate executives participated in a wide-ranging conversation about the new generation of leadership in a still fairly old-generation business. If you missed the panel, Slepin’s article walks the reader through various learnings and takeaways from the expert panelists that included Jason Kern, CEO of the Americas for LaSalle Investment Management; Amy Price, COO of Bentall Kennedy; and Chris Payne, managing director at SARES REGIS Group.

As panel moderator and in the article, Slepin explores the balance between deals and company, and where culture fits in.

Chew on this: Leadership at strong companies spends as much time on culture and platform, maybe even more time, than is spent on deals. The impact is huge. These leaders are making sure that their companies will have staying power and legs, ultimately compelling business both for their employees and for their investors.

Read more and take a look at the article here.