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For Candidates

We are relationship-builders, in it for the long game. We connect candidates with positions that advance their careers now, and we will be there for the next move, too. Throughout the hiring process, we show respect for our candidates through frequent communication, and we provide transparent feedback in instances where a candidate does not get the job. Your professional development and career path truly matter to us.

Deep Roots in the Industry

Acquiring a senior-level position requires access to a specific, professional network. The depth and breadth of our work allows us to introduce candidates to otherwise hard-to-find opportunities. We get to know candidates intimately, to present them with positions that play to their strengths while also advancing their careers. Our candidate interviews are typically 90-minute deep-dives through which we can create a clear picture of who the candidate is and what goals they are aspiring to achieve. We view this as the foundation of a relationship that can span the length of an entire career.

Respect and Candor

Your time is your most valuable resource and in the search process only one candidate “wins.” At Terra Search Partners, we work hard to create a greater value from the process, even if a candidate isn’t selected. Candidates gain a greater understanding of the marketplace, the skills today’s employers require, and the ways in which they can present themselves more positively in the future. Our relationships with candidates can span across their careers.

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