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Ready for the Next Downturn? Insights from the C-Suite

Globestreet Real Estate News, Apr. 3, 2018: Matt Slepin of TerraSearch Partners offers insights on how the C-suite is managing at the top of the cycle and how to be ready for what’s next.

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The Registry's Real Perspectives Podcast featuring Matt Slepin

Matt Slepin, Founder and Managing Partner of Terra Search Partners, was recently featured on The Registry's Real Perspectives Podcast.

Terra Search Partners Support Statement for Racial Equity

The events of 2020 have galvanized all of us at Terra Search Partners to reimagine our lives, industry, and institutions in a more just and equitable way. The COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionately affects black and brown people, has proven that it is possible to radically change our behavior to support the life and safety of others

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