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Over the years, Terra team members have contributed to thought leadership across the real estate industry and shared best practices in career planning. Highlighted articles include:

Succession for the Rest of Us
Matt Slepin | NAREIM (2017)

Q&A: Swig’s Ken Perry on Company’s DNA
Matt Slepin | The Registry Bay Area Real Estate (2017)

Property Manager vs. Asset Manager: Have the Roles Merged?
Bill Whitlow | Multifamily Executive (2016)

How Do You Quantify a Firm’s Culture and Leadership Value?
Matt Slepin | (2016)

What’s a nonprofit affordable housing provider to do in the battle to attract executive talent?
Matt Slepin | Strength Matters (2016)

Culture Matters: Insights from Panel of New Leaders at ULI
Matt Slepin | ULI San Francisco (2016)

2016: Still in the Seventh Inning
Matt Slepin | Multi-Housing News (2016)

Move On or Keep With the Devil You Know? Balancing Change and Stability
Matt Slepin | Entrepreneur (2014)

Serendipity in a Career and Learning from Breaking Bad
Matt Slepin | Multi-Housing News (2015)

Viewpoint: Leading Your Business in the Sweet Times
Matt Slepin | NAREIT (2015)

Read the Urban Land Institute’s full report on the micro unit housing trend
Bill Whitlow | Architect News (2015)

Are You Managing Your Own Career?
Matt Slepin | (2014)

Analysis: 2014 Looking Up for REITs
Matt Slepin | NAREIT (2014)

Poise Your Firm for Long-Term Success
Matt Slepin | (2013)

Affordable’s Generational Change in Leadership
Matt Slepin | (2013)

Are you Managing Your Reputation?
Bill Whitlow | (2013)

Strategies for Success in Today’s Hiring Market
Bill Whitlow | (2013)

Property Management—No Longer the Stepchild, but Leadership Challenges Continue
Matt Slepin and Bill Whitlow | Multi-Housing News (2013)

REITs Looking Forward to 2013
Matt Slepin | NAREIT (2012)

Change Versus the Devil You Know
Matt Slepin | Multi-Housing News (2012)

Can We Put a Value on REIT Leadership?
Matt Slepin | NAREIT (2012)

Guest Blog: ‘Human Capital’
Matt Slepin | Multi-Housing News (2012)

Corporate Culture
Bill Whitlow | Multi-Housing News (2012)

Preparing for the employment rebound
Matt Slepin | Housing Chronicles (2012)

Recent News

Terra Search Places Vice President at FCP

Alecia Hill joins FCP as Vice President

Terra Places Vice President, Investments for Argosy Real Estate Partners

Brett Gomes joins Argosy Real Estate Partners as Vice President, Investments

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