Terra Search launches new website

I want to tell you about why we launched this new website, and why it makes us happy.

My partners and I spend our time thinking about our clients and our industry. We ponder. We survey the competition. We debate. We deliberate. And ultimately, we try to place the best candidates for our valued clients. Thinking about what makes a good website? Not so much. So going through the process of thinking about good design, contemporary web practices, and database integration was a whole new ballgame. It was a new experience, it was a fun experience, and I’m really proud of the result.

Much thought was given to “what do we want” and “who are we” type questions. We wanted a site that communicates that we are boutique, that we care deeply, that highlights our national reach, but also our roots. We tried very hard not to just repeat the boilerplate that you see on so many websites, but to truly communicate who we are. Because we are different, and that we offer a deeper, more valuable experience and not merely a job placement, it was a fun challenge to try to show our dedication to not just excellence, but standing proudly apart.

Clients and prospects will come to the site and learn about us. Job seekers will come to the site and submit a resume for consideration. Anybody and everybody can (and should!) come to the site to visit our resource library to read articles by members of our team, and by others, about our industry, about job-hunting tips, about career growth. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the human capital complonent of the real estate industry and want that to be easily accessible on the site. Plus the site just looks damn good!!

I’m proud of the site. I’m thankful for our agency, NewGround, for getting it live. And I hope you like it too!

Matt Slepin, Founding Partner, Terra Search Partners