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Terra Search Partners Support Statement for Racial Equity

June 23, 2020
The events of 2020 have galvanized all of us at Terra Search Partners to reimagine our lives, industry, and institutions in a more just and equitable way. The COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionately affects black and brown people, has proven that it is possible to radically change our behavior to support the life and safety of others. We have mourned the death of George Floyd and all victims of police and racial violence as we have cheered the recent Supreme Court rulings banning discrimination of LGBTQ individuals in the workplace and upholding the DACA program. This is a momentous time, providing the opportunity for us all to reflect and change.

Systemic racism and sexism are present across American society and real estate is no exception. We have chosen to spend our careers at Terra Search Partners because of the tremendous impact that real estate has on the world. Identifying and elevating the next generation of leaders within the real estate industry is our avocation. The talented people working in real estate today will shape the way we live, work, play, worship, and connect with one another for decades to come.

Like many others working in the real estate ecosystem, we are taking a hard look at our role in reinforcing racist and sexist power structures and are actively looking at ways to dismantle racist policies and make positive changes from top to bottom within our own organization and the work that we do in the real estate business. As we reflect, we will continue to listen and learn from each other, our clients, and our colleagues within the real estate community.

As with every journey, it begins with a first step. Our first step will be examining everything we do, as a company, as a team, and as an industry and challenge ourselves to remove biases and racist policies. It will not be enough just to help our clients find a diverse candidate pool for each opening, but we will work hard to understand the roadblocks to place minority candidates in positions where they can thrive and have an influence on future generations. We know the current situation did not arise overnight and will take time and real effort to correct the deeply ingrained problems. We will set goals and measure our progress and not do it alone but will seek help and support and share our successes and challenges so that we can continue to evolve.

Real estate has a deep impact on our world and communities. Through our work at Terra Search Partners and through our podcast, Leading Voices in Real Estate, we have the opportunity for the greatest impact on helping bring diversity, particularly for people of color, to the real estate industry. With increased perspectives in the business, we believe that our industry will better tackle our responsibility in constructing more

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