“They know our space better than anybody and they spent a significant amount of time with me and other people in the company to really understand what we want to do and with whom we need to do it. They do a great job getting inside our heads to really know what we need, and what we want. They are helpful in talking with candidates, with preparing us for meaningful interviews, and throughout the negotiation process. They are really involved. I know a lot of people talk about bringing value, but they don’t. It’s almost a cliche but worth saying with all possible sincerity: Matt and the team bring tremendous value to the entire executive search process and when we have to do it again we will do it with Terra Search Partners.”

Geoffrey L. Stack, Managing Director, SARES-REGIS Group

“They fill positions for us from coast to coast because we know we can just pick up the phone and have Terra Search Partners take care of it. They’re matchmakers. They understand and respect how our leadership team works. They respect me, they respect the process, and I get the sense they have a lot of fun in the process. They are worthy of the highest praise I could give.”

Michele Mamet, Chief Operating Officer, Mercy Housing

“The emotional intelligence of this team is a huge skill. We got insights into what will and will not work at a molecular level. This is a rare and special talent that was clear from the moment we started working together. It was clear to me and everyone on our team. Also, the write ups we got on candidates are just fantastic. The depth of knowledge in our industry is huge. I’d unequivocally offer this team the highest compliment I could give, “Terra Search is one of us. Wired in.” Terra Search has the relationships and that is the reason everyone wants to work with you. They listen. They are fully engaged. It’s incredible. I could write a book on all of the reasons I will always work with the Terra Search team, and advise other to do the same.”

Nancy Andrews, Former CEO, Low Income Investment Fund